Dec 27 2021

Happy Holidays Babes!!!!

FINALLY KARSYN COXX IS KICKING HER CANADIAN TOUR INTO HIGH GEAR..... I know there has been a lot of talk about my comedian tour and unfortunately I've been unsuccessful in being able to kick that off up to this point. Due to a few unfortunate events last year I was unable to start my tour as planned. However this new year is my time to shine! I am looking for a little bit of help so I'm posting up in different areas a position available for a tour manager. This position is pretty much someone that will come with me on tour and take care of many of the responsibilities that I can't take care of myself as it's just too much for one person. But who wouldn't want to travel Canada get to meet new people and pretty much party their way around the country.... I would be taking frequent trips back to my home base in the Lethbridge, Alberta area. So I was thinking I'd like to be on the road for 2 weeks to a month and then possibly back home for a week or two before we leaving yet to go back on tour. I'm willing to pay 30% of my total intake to the tour manager chosen to come with me.... I am pretty flexible And am just looking forward to meeting all the clients who have contacted me requesting that I make sure to tour through their area so they can be sure to book their Session. 
    I'm asking now if these same clients and any new ones that want me to come to a city or town near you to book a session to please contact me again so that I can tell you which areas there is a higher demand there for which areas I should two or through first.... If anybody is interested in the tour manager position please also contact me so I can fill you in on the details and we can set this up together.
I'm also meaning a professional photographer to take photos from my website and my ads hopefully sometime before January 15th so that I can still hit the road on tour in January but have the professional photos I need for the website and so on prior to leaving .  ..
Keep checking on my website as the tour dates will be posted as soon as they are confirmed and this time I assure you January those postings will be up and going on my website. Thank you for being patient all of you and I assure you I'll do the best I can to make sure that I get to spend much needed quality time with each of you. 
All my love,
Karsyn Coxx