* I am always super grateful for any of the special gifts I recieve from my Elite Clientele... I always express that gifts are never expected, and a pleasent suprise and very meaningful at the same time.....
- Lingerie/Delicates : I am a medium size pretty much across the board but I have never had a client gift me anything that didn't fit perfectly. Just shows how well my Elite clients know my Body and that makes me feel better then anything. 
- Adult Toys - I am happy to oblige any requests I receive with any adult toy gifts. Whether it be a video clip on my website or a private cam chat. Most of the adult toys gifting usually comes with a request. Some of them are request for in person session encounters and some for online public entertainment. In both cases I'm more than happy to live out the fantasy. Plus I get my personal pleasure from them as well..... Maybe on my own time when I'm fantasizing about you I'll get to pull out my favorite toy that you gifted me the experience can be quite personal! 
- Purfumes:
The following are my personal favorite Purfumes....
* "Sweet as Candy" by Adrianna Grande.
* "Eurphoria" by Calvin Klein.
* "Black Opium" by
* "Classique" by Jean Paul Gaultier.
***My number ONE favorite Purfumes***